śrotra श्रोत्र

Definition: n. [√ 1. sru] ear; hearing: -gña, a. perceiving by the ear: -tâ, f. hearing; -tâ, f. condition of ears; -netra-maya, a. consist ing of ears and eyes; -pati, m. lord of hear ing (a form of Îsvara); -padavî, f. range of hearing: -m upa½â-yâ, come to the ears of (g.); -paramparâ, f. hearsay; -p&asharp;, a. pro tecting the ear (V.); -pâli, f. lobe of the ear; -puta, m. id.; -peya, fp. to be imbibed by the ear, -attentively heard; -mârga, m. range of hearing: -m gam, come to the ears of (g.); -mûla, n. root of the ear; -vartman, n. range of hearing; -sukti-puta, m. hollow of the external ear.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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