ānī आनी

Definition: P. -nayati- (1. plural -nayāmasi- ; imperative 2. sg. -naya-,3. sg. -nayatu-; perfect tense -nināya- ,and ā-nin/āya- ; infinitive mood -netav/ai- ) A1. (1. sg. -naye- ) to lead towards or near ; to bring, carry to a place (accusative or locative case) ; to fetch etc. ; (perf. periphr. -nayāmāsa- ) to cause to bring or fetch ; to bring back or take back ; to pour in, mix in etc. ; to bring any one to, reduce to any state ; to deduce, calculate ; to use, employ, prove: Causal P. -nāyayati-, to cause to be brought or fetched or led near etc.: Desiderative -ninīṣati-, to intend or wish to bring near

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: AV. v , 25 , 8, AV. v , 17 , 2, RV. viii , 21 , 9, S3Br. ii , 1 , 14 , 16, R., RV., AV., SV., S3Br., MBh., R., S3ak., MBh. iii , 2282, MBh., R., RV., VS., S3Br., MBh., MBh., R., Ragh., Katha1s., BhP. x , 89 , 42.
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