ākrand आक्रन्द्

Definition: P. -krandati- (Aorist 3. plural ākrandiṣuḥ- ) to shout out ; to invoke, call for help : P. A1. to cry with sorrow, lament, weep etc.: Causal (imperative 2. sg. -krandaya-) to inspire (courage) by its sound (as a drum) ; (parasmE-pada -krand/ayat-) to shout at, roar at ; to cry without interruption : to cause to lament or weep

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Bhat2t2., Pa1rGr2., MBh. iii , 11461, Ka1d., Katha1s., MBh. iii , 2388, BhP., RV. vi , 47 , 30, AV. ii , 36 , 6, VS. xvi , 19, S3Br., L., BhP.
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