māyākapota मायाकपोत

Definition: m. phantom pigeon: -vapus, a. having the body of a --; -kâra, a. acting deceitfully; -kkhadma para, a. intent on deceit and fraud; -devî, f. Name of the mother of Buddha; -dhara, a.versed in jugglery or witchcraft; m. Name of a prince of the Asuras; -½adhika, a. abound ing in magic arts; -patu, a. skilled in witch craft; -pur, -purî, f. Name of a town; -prayoga, m. trickiness; versatility; -batu, m. Name of aprince of the Sabaras; -½abhyudayana, m. Name of a Kâyastha; -maya, a. (î) illusory, unreal; m. Name of a Râkshasa; -yantra, n. en chantment: °ree;--=magical; -vakana, n. hypo critical speech; (&asharp;)-vat, a. practising sorcery (RV.); deceitful, cunning; attended with magical arts: -î, f. kind of personified magi cal art; Name of a fairy's wife; Name of a prin cess; -vâda, m. doctrine of illusion (a term applied to Buddhism and Vedântism); -vid,a. familiar with magical arts; -vín, a. skilled in magic; fraudulent; guileful, deceitful; illusory; m. magician, sorcerer, juggler; -sîla, a. deceitful, fraudulent.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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