śiras शिरस्

Definition: n. (prob. originally śaras- equals karas-;and connected with karaṅka- q.v) the head, skull (accusative with -,"to give up one's head id est life ";with dhṛ-,or vah-,"to hold up one's head, be proud";with Causal of vṛt-or with upa-sthā-,"to hold out the head","acknowledge one's self guilty"See śiropasthāyin-; instrumental case with grah-, dhā-, dhṛ-, vi-dhṛ-, bhṛ-, vah-,or kṛ-,"to hold or carry or place on the head, receive deferentially"; instrumental case with gam-, abhi-gam-, pra-grah-, -, pra-ṇam-[ nam-], ni-pat-, pra-ṇi-pat-,"to touch with the head, bow or fall down before"; locative case with kṛ-or ni-dhā-,"to place on one's head"; locative case with sthā-,"to be on or stand over a person's head, stand far above [gen.]") etc.

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV.
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