ādhiḥ आधिः

Definition: आधिः m. [आधीयते स्थाप्यते प्रतीकाराय मनो$नेन, आ-धा-कि P.III.3.92; connected with आध्यै in some senses] 1 Mental pain or anguish, agony, anxiety (opp. व्याधि- which is bodily pain); न तेषामापदः सन्ति नाधयो व्याधय- स्तथा Mb; मनोगतमाधिहेतुम् Ś.3.1; R.8.27,9.54; Bh. 3.15; Bv.4.11; Māl.4; Ki.1.37. -2 A bane, curse, misery; यान्त्येवं गृहिणीपदं युवतयो वामाः कुलस्याधयः Ś.4.18; Mv.6.28. -3 A pledge, deposit, pawn, mortgage; Y.2.23; Ms.8.143; आधिश्चोपनिधिश्चोभौ न कालात्ययमर्हतः 145. -4 A place, residence. -5 Location, site. -6 Definition, epithet, attribute, title. -7 Misfortune, calamity (व्यसन). -8 Reflection on religion or duty (धर्मचिन्ता) -9 Hope, expectation. -1 A man solicitous for the maintenance of his family (कुटुम्बव्यापृत). -11 Punishment; एनमाधिं दापयिष्येद्यस्मात्तेन भयं क्वचित् Śukra.4.641. -Comp. -ज्ञ a. 1 suffering pain, distressed. -2 crooked. -भोगः the use or enjoyment of a deposit (as of a horse, cow &c. when pledged). -मन्युः (pl.) feverish heat or burning. -स्तेनः one who uses a deposit without the owner's consent.

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