śaphaḥ शफः

Definition: शफः फम् [शप्-अच् पृषो˚ पस्य फः] 1 A hoof; सुरभे- र्महिषा गावो ये चान्ये द्विशफा नृप Bhāg.6.6.27. -2 A claw; यज्ञायज्ञियं पुच्छं धिष्ण्यां शफाम् Vāj.12.4. -3 The root of a tree. -Comp. -ऊरुः f. a woman having thighs resembling the two divisions of a cow's hoof; see P. IV.1.7. The early commentators of Pāṇini of other schools of grammar evidently think that the word is two well-known to require any explanation. Viṭṭhala, Bhaṭṭojī and others think that the word means 'a woman whose thighs press together like hoofs'. But there is not the slightest doubt that the sense of similitude is present here and the word comes within the purview of the previous rule ऊरूत्तरपदादौपम्ये. Or it may mean a woman whose thighs are marked with the sign of hoofs. Sṛiṣṭidhara the commentator of the Bhāṣāvṛitti gives the correct meaning : शफं खुरः । तच्चह्नुयुक्त ऊरूर्यस्याः ।शफरः (-री) f.) [शफं राति रा-क Tv.] A kind of small glittering fish; मोघीकर्तुं चटुलशफरोद्वर्तनप्रेक्षितानि Me. 42; मनो$स्य जह्नुः शफरीविवृत्तयः Ki.4.3; Śi.8.24; Ku. 4.39. -Comp. -अधिपः the fish called llīśa.

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