śap शप्

Definition: a vikarana affix (conjugational sign) applied to roots of the first conjugation and in general to all secondary roots i. e. roots formed from nouns and from other roots before personal-endings which are Sarvadhatuka and which possess the sense of agent, provided there is no other vikarana affix prescribed: e. g. भवति, एधते, कारयति, हारयति, बुभूपति, पुत्रीयति, पुत्रकाम्यति, कामयते, गेीपांयति, कण्ङ्कयति, पटयति, दिनन्ति (यामिन्य:) etc. cf. कर्तरि शप्, P. III.1 .68. This affix शप् is dropped after roots of the second conjugation (अदादि } and those of the third conjugation (जुहोत्यादि) and in Vedic Literature wherever observed; cf. P.II.4.72, 73, 75, 76.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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