ī ई

Definition: the long vowel ई which is technically included in the vowel इ in Pāṇini's alphabet being the long tone of that vowel; (2) substitute ई for the vowel अा of the roots घ्रा and ध्मा before the frequentative sign यङ् as for example in जेघ्रीयते, देध्मीयते, cf. P.VII. 4.31; (3) substitute ई for the vowel अ before the affixes च्वि and क्यच् as, for instance, in शुक्लीभवति, पुत्रीयति etc.; cf.P.VII.4.32, 33; (4) substitute ई for the vowel अा at the end of reduplicated bases as also for the vowel आ of bases ending in the conjugational sign ना, e.g. मिमीध्वे, लुनीतः etc.; cf P.VI. 4.113; (5) substitute ई for the loc. case affix इ (ङि) in Vedic Literature, e.g. सरसी for सरसि in दृतिं न शुश्कं सरसी शयानम्,: cf. Kāś. on P. VII.1.39: (6) tad. affix ई in the sense of possession in Vedic Literature as for instance in रथीः,सुमङ्गलीः, cf. Kāś on. P.V.2.109: (7) the fem. affix ई (ङीप्, ङीञ् or ङीन्); cf. P.IV.1.58, 15-39, IV.1.40-65, IV.1.13.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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