ā आ

Definition: the long form of the vowel अ called दीर्घ,consisting of two mātrās, in contrast with (l) the short अ which consists of one mātrā and the protracted आ३ which consists of three mātrās; (2) substitute अा of two mātrās when prescribed by the word दीर्घ or वृद्धि for the short vowel अ; (3) upasarga अा (अाङ्) in the sense of limit e.g. अा कडारादेका संज्ञा (P.I.4.1.) आकुमारं यशः पाणिनेः K. on II.1.13. आ उदकान्तात् (M. Bh. on I.1.14.) (4) indeclinable आ in the sense of remembrance e. g. आ एवं नु मन्यसे; cf. ईषदर्थे क्रियायोगे मर्यादाभिविधौ च यः । एतमातं ङितं विद्याद्वाक्यस्मरणयोरङित् M. Bh. on I.1.14; (5) augment अा (अाक्) as seen in चराचर, वदावद etc. cf. M. Bh. VI.1.12 Vārt. 6; (6) augment अा(आट्) prefixed to roots in the tenses लुङ्, लङ् and लृङ् (7) substitute अा prescribed for the last letter of pronouns before the tad. affixes दृक्,दृश, दृक्ष and वत्, as in तादृक्दृ, तादृश etc.; (8) feminine affix आ (टाप्, डाप् or चाप्) added to nouns ending in अा; (9) substitute आ (आ or अात्, or डा or आल्) for case affixes in Vedic literature उभा यन्तारौ, नाभा पृथिव्याः etc.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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