vaṃśakara वंशकर

Definition: a. perpetuating a race; m. continuer of a family; N.; -karma-krit, m. worker in bamboo, basket-maker; -krit ya, n. function of a flute, flute-playing; -krama½âgata, pp. come down by family succession, lineally descended, hereditary; -krama½âhita-gaurava, a. highly esteemed by successive generations of the family; -gop tri, m. preserver of the family; -kintaka, m. genealogist; -kkhettri, m. (cutter off=) last of a family; -ga, a. made of bamboo; born in or belonging to the family of, sprung from a -family (--°ree;); belonging to the same family: with prâktanâh=ancestors; -dhara, a. perpetuating a family; m.continuer of a family; m. descendant; -nâdikâ, -nâdî, f. pipe of bamboo; -nâtha, m. chief of a race; -pattra, n. bamboo leaf; -pota, m. shoot of a cane and child of good family; -bâhya, a. re pudiated by the family; -brâhmana, n. list of ancient teachers; T.; -bhrit, m. perpetuator of a race; -bhogya, fp. to be enjoyed by successive generations, hereditary; -maya, a. (î) made of bamboo; -râgya-dhara, a. perpetuating race and dominion; -lûna, pp. deprived of one's family, alone in the world; -vardh ana, a. increasing or perpetuating a race; m. son; -vardhin, a. id.; -visuddha, pp. unblemished or sound in the cane; of pure lineage; -vistara, m.complete genealogy; -sthiti, f. perpetuation of a family.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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