ṛta ऋत

Definition: ऋत a. [ऋ-क्त] 1 Proper, right. -2 Honest, true; सर्वमेतदृतं मन्ये यन्मां वदसि केशव Bg.1.14; Ms.8.82. -3 Worshipped, respected. -4 Bright, luminous (दीप्त) -5 Gone, risen, moved, affected by; सुखेन ऋतः = सुखार्तः ऋते च तृतीयासमासे Vārt. on P.VI.1.89; so दुःखः˚, काम˚. -तम् ind. Rightly, properly. -तः 1 A sacrifice. -2 The sun (n. also). -तम् (Not usually found in classical literature) 1 A fixed or settled rule, law (religious). -2 Sacred custom, pious action. यस्तनोति सतां सेतुमृतेनामृतयोनिना Mb.12.47.49. -3 Divine law, divine truth. -4 Absolution. मर्त्यानामृतमिच्छताम् Bhāg.1.16.7. -5 Water; सत्यं त्वा ऋतेन परिषिञ्चामि. -6 Truth (in general), right; ऋतं वदिष्यामि T. Up.1.1.1. ऋतानृते Ms.1.29, 2.52,8.61,14. -7 Truth (personified as an object of worship; in later Sanskrit regarded as a child of Dharma). -8 Livelihood by picking or gleaning grains in a field (as opposed to the cultivation of ground); ऋतमुञ्च्छशिलं वृत्तम् Ms.4.4. -9 The fruit of an action; एकं चक्रं वर्तते द्वादशारं षण्णाभिमेकाक्षमृतस्य धारणम् Mb.1.3. 62. -1 Agreeable speech; ऋतं च सूनृता वाणी कविभिः परिकीर्तिता Bhāg.11.19.38. -11 Name of an Āditya. -12 The Supreme Spirit. (In the Vedas ऋत is usually interpreted by Sāyaṇa to mean 'water', 'sun' or 'sacrifice', where European scholars take it in the sense of 'divine truth', 'faith' &c.). -Comp. -जा, -जात a. Ved. 1 of a true nature, sprung from sacred truth; अब्जा गोजा ऋतजा अद्रिजा ऋतम् Rv.4.4.5. -2 Well-made, excellent; Rv.3.58.8. -जातसत्य a. (Sāy.) born for the sake of sacrifice and having true result. -जित् a. Ved. gaining the right; Vāj.17.83. -ज्ञा a. (Sāy.) knowing the sacrifice, familiar with the sacred law. -द्युम्न a. shining with truth; Rv.9. 113.4. -धामन् a. 1 of a true or pure nature. -2 having an imperishable place. -m. Name of Viṣṇu. -धीति a. Ved. of true disposition; or receiving true praise. -ध्वजः Name of Śiva. -नी a. leading in the right way; Rv.2.27.12. -पर्णः = ऋतुपर्णः q. v. -पेयः a sacrifice lasting one day. -पेशस् a. Ved. having a perfect shape; Rv.5.66.1. -m. one whose form consits of water; i. e. Varuṇa. -प्सुः 1 a god who consumes sacrificial food; Rv.1.18.3. -2 one whose form is truth. -युक्तिः f. true application of a hymn; Rv.1.61.1. -युज् a. going to sacrifice. -वाकः Ved. true speech; Rv.9.113.2. -सद् a. dwelling in the sacrifice or truth; Rv.4.4.5. -m. fire, -सदनम् -नी the right or usual alter. -साप् a. pervading truth; steady in religious belief. -सामन् n. Name of a Sāman; Ārṣeya Br. -स्था a. standing right; स हि दिवः स पृथिव्या ऋतस्था. Av.4.1.4.

Dictionary: Apte
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