ṣit षित्

Definition: an affix or sometimes a word marked by the mute letter ष्, The mute letter ष् attached to roots signifies the addition of the krt affix अङ् (अ) in the sense of the verbal activity: e. g. क्षमा from the root क्षमूष् (क्षम्), जरा from ज्ट्टष्ठ (ज्दृ); cf. षिद्भिदादिम्भोSङ् P. III. 3.104: attached to affixes, ष् signifies the addition of the fem. affix ई (ङीष्), e. g. वराकी, शतपथिकी etc. cf. षिद्गौरादिभ्यश्च P. IV. 1.41. A few roots headed by घट् (roots from घट् to त्वर्) are to be looked upon as षित् for the purpose of the addition of the krt. affix अ; e. g. घटा, व्यथा etc. cf. घटादयः षितः । Gana sutra in Dhatupatha

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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