ṣaṣṭha षष्ठ

Definition: षष्ठ a. (-ष्ठी f.) Sixth, the sixth; षष्ठं तु क्षेत्रजस्यांशं प्रदद्यात् पैतृकाद्धनात् Ms.9.164;7.13; षष्ठे भागे V.2.1; R.17.78; षष्ठे काले मया$$हारः प्राप्तो$यमनुजस्तव Mb.3.18.16. -Comp. -अंशः 1 a sixth part in general. -2 particularly, the sixth part of the produce of fields &c., which the king takes from his subjects as land-tax; ऊधस्यमिच्छामि तवोप- भोक्तुं षष्ठांशमुर्व्या इव रक्षितायाः R.2.66; (the different kinds of produce, to the sixth part of which a king is entitled, are specified in Ms.7.131-132). ˚वृत्तिः a king (entitled to the sixth part of the produce); षष्ठांशवृत्तेरपि धर्म एषः Ś.5.4. -अन्नम् the sixth meal. ˚कालः taking food once in three days, as an expiatory act; षष्ठान्न- कालता मासं संहिताजप एव वा Ms.11.2.

Dictionary: Apte
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