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Definition: cl.1.3.5.P. ṛcchati-, iyarti-, ṛṇoti-, and ṛṇvati- (only Vedic or Veda) ; āra-, ariṣyati-, ārat-, and ārṣīt-, to go, move, rise, tend upwards etc. ; to go towards, meet with, fall upon or into, reach, obtain etc. ; to fall to one's share, occur, befall (with accusative) etc. ; to advance towards a foe, attack, invade ; to hurt, offend ; to move, excite, erect, raise, (/iyarti v/ācam-,he raises his voice ; st/omān iyarmi-,I sing hymns ) : Causal arpayati-, to cause to move, throw, cast etc. ; to cast through, pierce ; to put in or upon, place, insert, fix into or upon, fasten etc. ; to place on, apply etc. ; to direct or turn towards etc. ; to deliver up, surrender, offer, reach over, present, give etc. ; to give back, restore etc.: Vedic or Veda Intensive alarti- ; (2. sg. alarṣi- ) ; to move or go towards with speed or zeal: Class. Intensive A1. arāryate- () , to wander about, haste towards ; ([ confer, compare Greek , , etc.: Zendir: Latin or-ior,re-mus,aro: Gothic argan: Anglo-Saxon a1r:Old High German ruo-dar,ar-an: Lithuanian ir-ti,"to row";ar-ti,"to plough."])

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV., Nir., RV., AV., S3Br., ChUp., MBh., RV., AitBr., S3Br., Mn., S3Br., MBh., Mn., S3Br. vii, RV. ii , 42 , 2, RV. i , 116 , 1, RV., AV. vi , 22 , 3, AV. x , 9 , 1, Ragh., AV., RV., S3a1k., Kum., Bhag., Katha1s., Ratna1v., Ragh., R., Bhag., Ya1jn5., Pan5cat., Vikr., Mn. viii , 191, Ya1jn5., S3ak., RV. viii , 48 , 8, RV. viii , 1 , 7, Pa1n2. 7-4 , 65, Pa1n2. 7-4 , 30, Bhat2t2., Pat., Ka1s3.
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