ḥ ः

Definition: or विसर्गः lit. letting out breath from the mouth; sound or utterance caused by breath escaping from the mouth; breathing. The Visarjanīya, just like the anusvāra, is incapable of being independently uttered. Hence, it is written for convenience as अः although its form for writing purposes is only two dots after the vowel preceding it; cf. अः इति विसर्जनीयः । अकार इह उच्चारणार्थः इति कुमारीस्तनयुगाकृतिर्वर्णो विसर्जनीयसंज्ञो भवति । Kāt. Vyāk. I.1.16. See अः above on page 2.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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