śā शा

Definition: conjugational sign(विकरण) applied to the roots of the sixth conjugation (तुदादिगण) in all conjugational tenses and moods (i, e. the present, the imperfect,the imperative and the potential) before the personal-endings; cf. तुदादिभ्यः शः, P. III.1.77; this sign श (अ) has got the initial consonant श्, as an indicatory one, and hence this अ is a Sarvadhatuka affix, but, it is weak and does not cause गुण for the preceding vowel; (2) tad. affix श in the sense of possession applied to the words लोमन् and others; e. g. लोमश:, रोमशःcf. P.V.2. 100; (3) krt affix (अ) applied to the roots पा, घ्रा, ध्मा, धे and दृश् when preceded by a prefix,to the roots लिम्प्, विन्द् etc.not preceded by a prefix, and optionaily to दा and धा of the third conjugation in the sense of an agent'; e.g. उत्पिबः, उत्पश्यः, लिम्प:, विन्दः दद:, दायः: cf. P.III.1.137-139.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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