ṣṭran ष्ट्रन्

Definition: krt.affix त्र, signifying the acute accent of the initial vowel and the addition of ई to the base in the feminine,added to the root धा in the sense of object (कर्मन्) and to the roots दाप्, नी, शास् and others in the sense of instrument (करण); e.g. धात्री, दात्रम्, नेत्रम्, स्तोत्रम्, पोत्रम् etc; cf. P. III. 2. 18l-183; (2) Unadi affix त्र as seen in the word गात्र from the root इ; cf अन्नवधकगात्रविचक्षणाजिराद्यर्थम् P. II. 4.54 Vart 12.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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