ṣṭhan ष्ठन्

Definition: tad, affix इक (I) added to the word कुसीद in the sense of giving a sum or something on an objectionable rate of interest or profit; cf. कुसीदं प्रयच्छति कुसीदिकः, कुसीदिकी: cf. P. IV. 4.31; (2) added to the words पौरोडाश an पुरोडाश in the sense of 'explanatory book thereon'; e.g. पुरोडाशिकः पौरोडाशिक:, पुरोडाशिकी, पौरोडाशिकी; cf. P. IV. 3.70; (3) added to the words पर्प and others as also to श्वगण, भस्त्रा and others, विवध, वीवध किशर and others, the words शलालु पात्र and the words आढक, अाचित and पात्र at the end of Dvigu compounds in the specific senses mentioned; e. g. पर्पिकः, श्वगाणिकः, भास्त्रिकः, शलालुकः ब्याढाकिकी etc.; cf. P. IV. 4.10, 11, 16, 17, 53, 54, V. 1.46, 54, 55.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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