śruti श्रुति

Definition: f. that which has been heard or communicated from the beginning, sacred knowledge orally transmitted by the Brahmans from generation to generation, the veda- (id est sacred eternal sounds or words as eternally heard by certain holy sages called ṛṣi-s, and so differing from sm/ṛti-or what is only remembered and handed down in writing by human authorsSee ;it is properly only applied to the mantra- and brāhmaṇa- portion of the veda-s, although afterwards extended to the upaniṣad-s and other Vedic works including the darśana-s; iti śruteḥ-,"because it is so taught in the veda-, according to a śruti-or Vedic text "; plural"sacred texts, the veda-s", also"rites prescribed by the veda-s") etc.