ātithya आतिथ्य

Definition: आतिथ्य a. [अतिथेरिदं ष्यञ्] Hospitable, proper for a guest &c. (= आतिथेय); हविरातिथ्यम्, आतिथ्या इष्टिः &c. -थ्यः A guest. -थ्यम् or -थ्या 1 Hospitable reception, hospitality; तमातिथ्याक्रियाशान्तरथक्षोभपरिश्रमम् R.1.58. -2 a particular rite, the reception of Soma when it is brought to the sacrificial place (also called आतिथ्येष्टिः) -Comp. -रूप a. being in the place of the आतिथ्य sacrifice; आतिथ्यरूपं मासरम् Vāj.19.14 -सत्कारः, -सत्क्रिया the rites of hospitality.

Dictionary: Apte
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