{{c|-( anusvāra ) ṃanusvāra {{च्|-( अनुस्वार ) ंअनुस्वार

Definition: or nasal (l) looked upon as a phonetic element, independent, no doubt, but incapable of being pronounced without a vowel Preceding it. Hence, it is shown in writing with अ although its form in writing is only a dot above the line cf अं इत्यनुस्वारः । अकार इह उच्चारणर्थ इति बिन्दुमात्रो वर्णोनुस्वारसंज्ञो भवति Kāt. Vyāk I.1.19; (2) anusvāra,showing or signifying Vikāra i.e. अागम and used as a technical term for the second विभक्ति or the accusative case. See the word अं above on page 1.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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