yu यु

Definition: यु I. 2 P. (यौति, युत; caus. यावयति; desid. यियविषति or युयूषति) 1 To join, unite. -2 To mix, combine. -II. 3 P. (युयोति) To detach, separate; as in युतसिद्ध. -III. 9 U. (युनाति, युनीते) 1 To bind, fasten. -2 To join, unite. -3 To mix, combine -4 Ved. To give, grant. -5 To acquire. -6 To worship, respect. -IV. 1 Ā. (यावयते) To censure. -With व्यति to mix; अन्योन्यं स्म व्यतियुतः शब्दाञ् शब्दैस्तु भीषणान् Bk.8.6.

Dictionary: Apte
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