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Definition: या 2 P. (याति, ययौ, अयासीत्, यास्यति, यातुम्, यात) 1 To go, move, walk, proceed; ययौ तदीयामवलम्ब्य चाङ्गुलिम् R.3.25; अन्वग्ययौ मध्यमलोकपालः 2.16. -2 To march against, invade; तदा यायाद् विगृह्यैव व्यसने चोत्थिते रिपोः Ms. 7.183. -3 To go to, march towards, set out for (with acc., dat. or with प्रति). -4 To pass away, withdraw, depart; यातु प्रस्तुतमनुसंधीयताम् H.3. 'let it go or pass, never mind it' -5 To vanish, disappear; यातस्तवापि च विवेकः Bv.1.66; भाग्यक्रमेण हि धनानि भवन्ति यान्ति Mk.1. 13. -6 To pass away or by, elapse (as time); यौवन- मनिवर्ति यातं तु K. P.1. -7 To last. -8 To happen, come to pass. -9 To go or be reduced to any state, be or become (usually with the acc. of abstract noun). -1 To undertake; न त्वस्य सिद्धौ यास्यामि सर्गव्यापारमात्मना Ku.2.54. -11 To have carnal intercourse with. -12 To request, implore. -13 To find out, discover. -14 To behave, act. (The meanings of या, like those of गम्, are variously modified according to the noun with which it is connected; e. g. नाशं या to be destroyed; वाच्यतां या to incur blame or censure; लघुतां या to be slighted; प्रकृतिं या to regain one's natural state; निद्रां या to fall asleep; वशं या to submit, go into one's possession; उदयं या to rise; अस्तं या to set, decline; पारं या to reach the other side of, to master, surmount, get over; पदं या to attain to the position of; अग्रे या to go before, take the lead, lead; अधो या to sink; विपर्यासं या to undergo a change, to be changed in appearance; शिरसा महीं या to bend the head down to the ground &c.). -Caus. (यापयति-ते) 1 To cause to go or proceed. -2 To remove, drive away; प्रमदया मदयापितलज्जया R.9.31. -3 To spend, pass (time); तावत् कोकिल विरसान् यापय दिवसान् Bv.1.7; Me.91. -4 To live or spend time with; विनयादिव यापयन्ति ते धृतराष्ट्रात्मजमात्मसिद्धये Ki.2.45. -5 To support, nourish. -6 To give sendoff; स्नेहप्रक्लिन्नहृदयो यापयामास कोशलः Bhāg.1.58.52. -Desid. (यियासति) To wish to go, to be about to go &c. -With अति 1 to go beyond, transgress, violate. -2 to surpass. -अधि to go away or forth; escape; कुतो$ धियास्यसि क्रूर निहतस्तेन पत्रिभिः Bk.8.9.

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