vyāsaḥ व्यासः

Definition: व्यासः 1 Distribution, separation into parts. -2 Dissolution or analysis of a compound. -3 Severalty, distinction. -4 Diffusion, extension; तस्यैव व्यासमिच्छामि ज्ञातुं ते भगवन् यथा Bhāg.6.4.2. -5 Width, breadth. -6 The diameter of a circle. -7 A fault in pronunciation. -8 Arrangement, compliation. -9 An arranger, a compiler; द्वैपायनो$स्मि व्यासानां कवीनां काव्य आत्मवान् Bhāg. 11.16.28. -1 Name of a celebrated sage. [He was the son of the sage Parāśara by Satyavatī (born before her marriage with Śantanu q. v.); but he retired to the wilderness as soon as he was born, and there led the life of a hermit, practising the most rigid austerities until he was called by his mother Satyavatī to beget sons on the widows of her son Vichitravīrya. He was thus the father of Pāṇḍu and Dhṛitarāṣṭra and also of Vidura; q. q. v. v. He was at first called 'Kṛiṣṇadvaipāyana' from his dark complexion and from his having been brought forth by Satyavatī on a Dvīpa or island; but he afterwards came to be called Vyāsa or 'the arranger,' as he was supposed to have arranged the Vedas in their present form; विव्यास वेदान् यस्मात् स तस्माद् व्यास इति स्मृतः cf. also जातः स यमुनद्वीपे द्वैपायन इति स्मृतः । व्यस्य वेदान् समस्ताश्च व्यासतामगमद्विभुः ॥ Bm.1.214. He is believed to be the author of the great epic, the Mahābhārata, which he is said to have composed with Gaṇapati for his scribe. The eighteen Purāṇas, as also the Brahma-sūtras and several other works are also ascribed to him. He is one of the seven chirajeevins or deathless persons; cf. चिरजीविन्.] -11 A Brāhmaṇa who recites or expounds the Purāṇas in public. -Comp. -पीठम् the seat of the an expounder of the Purāṇas -पूजा Name of the observance of honouring one's preceptor, performed on the 15th of the bright half of Āṣāḍha. -समास (dual) details and the aggregate; आयव्ययौ च व्याससमासाभ्यामाचक्षीत Kau. A.2.9.

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