vicetana विचेतन

Definition: a. unconscious; not hav ing all one's senses about one, absent-minded; lifeless, dead; senseless, stupid; -ketayitri, a. making visible, distinguishing; -ketavya, fp. to be sought; -searched through; -ex amined; -found out (means); (ví)-ketas, a. clearly seen (waters; RV.); discerning, wise (RV.); confounded (C.); senseless, stu pid (C.); -keya, fp. 1. to be distinguished or counted (=few, of stars); 2. to be looked for; -searched through; n. investigation; -kesh- ta, a. motionless; -keshtana, n. kicking, roll ing (on the ground, of horses); -keshtâ, f. behaviour, conduct; -keshtita, (pp.) n. motion (of the body, eyes); gesture, action, working; conduct.

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