veṇiḥ वेणिः

Definition: वेणिः णी f. [वेण्-इन्-वा ङीप् Uṇ.4.18] 1 Braided hair, a braid of hair; तरङ्गिणी वेणिरिवायता भुवः Śi.12.75; Me. 18. -2 Hair twisted into a single unornamented braid and allowed to fall on the back (said to be worn by wom en whose husbands are absent from them); वनान्निवृत्तेन रघूत्तमेन मुक्ता स्वयं वेणिरिवावभासे R.14.12; अबलावेणिमोक्षोत्सुकानि Me.11; Ku.2.61. -3 Continuous flow, current, stream; जलवेणिरम्यां रेवां यदि प्रेक्षितुमस्ति कामः R.6.43; Me. 2; प्रवृत्तबाष्पवेणिकं चक्षुः प्रमृज्य K.; cf. the word त्रिवेणि also. -4 The confluence of two or more rivers. -5 The confluence of the Ganges, Yamunā and Sarasvatī. -6 Name of a river. -7 The property re-united after it has been before divided. -8 A cascade. -9 A dam, bridge. -1 A ewe. -Comp. -बन्धः hair twisted into a braid; मोक्ष्यध्वे स्वर्गबन्दीनां वेणीबन्धानदूषितान् R.1.47. -वेधनी a leech. -वेधिनी a comb. -संहारः 1 tying the hair into a braid; Ve.6. -2 Name of a drama by Bhaṭṭa Nārāyaṅa.

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