varuṇa वरुण

Definition: m. [√ 1. vri] Encompasser (of the world), Name of an Âditya, chief among the Vedic gods; he specially presides over the waters, the night, and the west; he is om niscient, punishes sin and is prayed to for forgiveness; he is also the sender of disease; often associated with Mitra and Indra (--°ree; du.); in C. he is god of the waters or ocean, and regent of the west: -grihîta, pp. seized by Varuna=attacked by disease, esp. dropsy (V.); -pâsá, m. Varuna's noose or fetter (V.); -purusha, m. servant of Varuna; -loka, m. Varuna's world; Varuna's sphere, the waters; -sarman, m. Name of a mythical warrior; -se nâ, -senikâ, f. Name of a princess; -½adri, m. Name of a mountain.

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