uttāna उत्तान

Definition: उत्तान a. 1 Stretched out, spread out, expanded, dilated; उत्तानतारकस्य लोचनयुगलस्य K.143; U.3.23. -2 (a) Lying on the back, with the face upwards, supine; Māl.3; उत्तानोच्छूनमण्डूकपाटितोदरसंनिभे K. P.7; पितृपात्रं तदुत्तानं कृत्वा विप्रान्विसर्जयेत् Y.1.248. (b) Upright, erect. -3 Open, turned upwards; उत्तान आस्येन हविर्जुहोति Mb.12.245.27. उत्तानपाणिद्वयसंनिवेशात् Ku.3.45; ˚रश्मिषु Pt.3.151. -4 Open, unreserved, frank, candid; स्वभावोत्तानहृदयम् Ś5; frank-minded. -5 Elevated; Māl.7. -6 Concave; having the mouth upwards. -7 Shallow -Comp. -अर्थ a. Superficial, shallow. -कूर्मकम् a particular posture in sitting. -पट्टम् A pavement; व्यूढं चोत्तान- पट्टं सकलकनखले ... यश्चकार ... (An Abu inscription in the reign of Bhūmadeva. Ind. Ant. Vol. XI). -पत्रकः a. species of Ricinus (रक्तैरण्ड). -पद् f. 1 vegetation, the whole creation of upward germinating plants (Sāy.). -2 One whose legs are extended (in parturition). -पाद a. with extended legs (children). (-दः) 1 Name of a king, father of Dhruva. -2 the Supreme Spirit. ˚जः Name of Dhruva, the polar star. -शय a. sleeping supinely or on the back, lying with the face upwards; कदा उत्तानशयः पुत्रकः जनयिष्यति मे हृदयाह्लादम् K.62. (-यः, -या) a little child, suckling, infant. -शीवन् a. lying extended; stagnant. आप उत्तानशीवरीः Av.3.21.1. -हस्त a, having the hands stretched out in prayers. (-स्तौ) (du.) the two hands with the fingers stretched out and with the backs turned towards the ground. -हृदय Open-hearted.

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