upariṣṭāt उपरिष्टात्

Definition: उपरिष्टात् ind. [cf. उपर्युपरिष्टान् P.V.3.31] 1 As an adverb it means (a) Over, above, from above, on high; परहितकरणे नोपरिष्टान्न चाधः Bh.3.131; Y.1.16. (b) Further or later on, afterwards; कल्याणावतंसा हि कल्याणसंपदुपरिष्टाद् भवति Māl.6; इदमुपरिष्टाद् व्याख्यातम् in the sequel. (c) Behind (opp. पुरस्तात्); पुरसाच्चोपरिष्टाच्च अद्भिः परिदधति Ch. Up.5.2.2. -2 (As a preposition) it means (a) Over, upon (with gen., rarely acc.); स्फुटतरमुपरिष्टादल्पमूर्तेर्ध्रुवस्य स्फुरति सुरमुनीनां मण्डलं व्यस्तमेतत् Śi.11.3. (b) Down upon. (c) Behind (with gen.) Comp. -ज्योतिष्मती Name of a Vedic metre consisting of 43 or 44 syllables. -ज्योतिः f. a verse of the Triṣṭubh metre, the last line of which consists of eight syllables. -बृहती Name of a Vedic metre having four Pādas, the first of which contains 12 syllables, each of the three others having only eight.

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