tatas ततस्

Definition: ind. thereupon, then, after that, afterwards (sometimes corresponding to preceding particles like /agre-, puras-, pūrvam-, prathamam-, prāk- etc.;corresponding to pratham/a- ;also correlative of y/ad-[ ], y/atra-[ ], yadā-[ ], yadi-[ etc.], ced-[ varia lectio ];often superfluous after an ind.p. or after tadā-or atha- etc.)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: S3Br. xiv, Mn. ii , 60, S3ak., Pan5cat., RV. i , 83 , 5, x , 85 , 5 and 121 , 7, AV. xii , 4 ,7 ff., S3Br. i, Nal. xx, R., ChUp., Nal., TUp. ii , 6, S3ak. v , 2829, Mn.
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