tarhi तर्हि

Definition: ind. (fr. t/ad-h/i-;See tarvan- ) at that time, then, at that moment, in that case (correlative of y/ad-[ ], yad/ā-[ ], y/arhi-[ ], y/atra-[ ], yadi-[ varia lectio etc.], ced-[ ];often connected with an imperative [ etc.] or interrogative pronoun [ ]) etc. (not in )

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Pa1n2. 5-3 , 20 f., TBr. ii , 1 , 10 , 1, AV. iii , 13 , 6, BhP., TS. i, AitBr. i , 27, S3Br. ii, BhP. v, S3ak., Pan5cat., Katha1s., Prab., Sa1h., S3ak., Pan5cat., Pat., Ka1s3., Siddh., Sa1h., RV. x , 129 , 2, AV., MBh. R.
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