smṛti स्मृति

Definition: f. remembrance, recollection, of (lc., --°ree;); memory; authoritative tradition (exclusive of sruti or Vedicwritings), canonical traditional law-book, code, statement of a law-book: smritim api na te yânti, they are not even remembered: -kârin, a. awaken ing memory, producing recollection; -tantra, n. law-book; -da, a. strengthening the memory; -patha, m. path of memory: -m gâ, go the way of memory, perish; -pâthaka, m. one learned in the law; -bhû, m. god of love; -bhramsa, m. loss of memory; -mat, a. hav ing recollection; possessing full conscious ness; having a good memory; versed in law; -rodha, m. failure of memory; -vartman, n. path of memory: ac. w. i, be remembered; -vibhrama, m. derangement of memory; -vishaya, m. range of memory: -tâm ga mita, dead; -sâstra, n. law-book; -sîla, n. du. tradition and usage;-sesha, a. surviving in memory only, destroyed: -m kri, destroy.

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