sarasvatī सरस्वती

Definition: सरस्वती 1 Name of the goddess of speech and learning, and represented as the wife of Brahman; परस्पर- विरोधिन्योरेकसंश्रयदुर्लभम् । संगतं श्रीसरस्वत्योर्भूतये$स्तु सदा सताम् ॥ V.5.24. -2 Speech, voice, words; इति देहविमुक्तये स्थितां रतिमाकाशभवा सरस्वती ... अन्वकम्पयत् Ku.4.39,43; R. 15.46. -3 Name of a river (which is lost in the sands of the great desert). -4 A river in general. -5 A cow; ŚB. on MS.1.3.49; Vāj.8.43. -6 An excellent woman. -7 Name of Durgā. -8 Name of a female divinity peculiar to the Buddhists. -9 The Soma plant. -1 The plant called ज्योतिष्मती.

Dictionary: Apte
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