sarasvatī सरस्वती

Definition: f. Name of a river (celebrated in and held to be a goddess whose identity is much disputed;most authorities hold that the name sarasvatī- is identical with the Avestan Haraquaiti river in Afghanistan, but that it usually means the Indus in the , and only occasionally the small sacred rivers in madhya-deśa- [see below];the river-goddess has seven sisters and is herself sevenfold, she is called the mother of streams, the best of mothers, of rivers, and of goddesses;the ṛṣi-s always recognize the connection of the goddess with the river, and invoke her to descend from the sky, to bestow vitality, renown, and riches;elsewhere she is described as moving along a golden path and as destroying vṛtra- etc.;as a goddess she is often connected with other deities exempli gratia, 'for example' with pūṣan-, indra-, the marut-s and the aśvin-s;in the āprī- hymns she forms a triad with the sacrificial goddesses iḍā- and bhāratī-; according to to a myth told in the , sarasvatī- through speech[ vācā-]communicated vigour to indra-;in the brāhmaṇa-s she is identified with vāc-,"Speech", and in later times becomes goddess of eloquenceSee below) etc.

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV., RV., VS. xix , 12, RV.
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