saṃyogaḥ संयोगः

Definition: संयोगः 1 (a) Conjunction, union, combination, junction, association, intimate union; संयोगो हि वियोगस्य संसूचयति संभवम् Subhāṣ. (b) Endowment with, possesssion of. -2 Conjunction (as one of the 24 guṇas of the Vaiśeṣikas). -3 Addition, annexation. -4 A set; आभरणसंयोगाः Māl.6. -5 Alliance between two kings for a common object. -6 (In gram.) A conjunct consonant; हलो$नन्तराः संयोगः P.I.1.7. -7 (In astr.) The conjunction of two heavenly bodies. -8 An epithet of Śiva. -9 (In phil.) Contact (direct material). -1 Carnal contact. -11 Matrimonial relation. -12 Agreement of opinion. -13 Sum, total amount. -Comp. -पृथक्त्वम् severalty of conjunction. This circumstance accounts for one and the same thing being नित्य as well as नैमित्तिक. In one case it would be नित्य, in the other it would be नैमित्तिक; (एकस्य तूभयत्वे संयोगपृथक्त्वम् MS. 4.3.5; न संयोगपृथक्त्वात् MS.12.1.24.); e. g. दधि is नित्य in दध्ना जुहोत्ति, but नैमित्तिक in दध्ना इन्द्रियकामस्य जुहुयात्. This न्याय is discussed and established in MS. -विधिः the Vedānta, propounding the union of जीव and ब्रह्म; Mb.12.2.11 (com.). -विभागाः (m. pl.) conjunctions and disjunctions; यदि शब्दं संयोगविभागा एवाभिव्यञ्जन्ति न कुर्वन्ति etc.; ŚB. on MS.1.1.13. -विरुद्धम् any eatables causing disease by being mixed.

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