saṃrakṣa संरक्ष

Definition: a. guarding; m. guardian: â, f. protection; -rakshana, n. protection, preservation, of (g., --°ree;), from (--°ree;); -raksha- nîya, fp. to be watched, -guarded against; -rakshya, fp. to be guarded or protected, from (ab.); -preserved or maintained; -guarded against; -rambha, m. agitation; impetuosity, violence; zeal, ardent desire (to, for, inf., --°ree;); anger, wrath against (lc., g.+ upari); brunt (of battle); intensity, vehem ence (of passions); °ree;-with a.=excessively; -rambh-in, a. ardently devoted to (--°ree;); angry, enraged; irascible: (-i)-tva, n. fury; -ra râná, pf. pt. √ râ; -râga, m. redness; pas sion, vehemence; attachment to (lc.); -râdh aka, a. thoroughly concentrated; (sám) râdhana, a. (î) conciliating (Br., S.); n. profound meditation (C.); -râdhya, fp. to be conciliated; -attained by profound con centration; -râva,m. clamour, roar; -rodha, m. checking, impeding, restraining, with holding; blockade, investment, siege; re striction, injury; suppression, destruction; -rodhana, n. restraining, suppressing, stop ping; -ropana, a. causing to heal; n. plant ing; -rohana, n. healing up; planting; -roh in, a. growing in (--°ree;).

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