sītā सीता

Definition: f. (less correctly written śītā-; see sīm/an-, sīra-) a furrow, the track or line of a ploughshare (also personified, and apparently once worshipped as a kind of goddess resembling Pomona;in , sitā- is invoked as presiding over agriculture or the fruits of the earth;in , sitā-"the Furrow"is again personified and addressed, four furrows being required to be drawn at the ceremony when the above stanzas are recited;in she is called sāvitrī-,and in indra-patnī-,"the wife of indra-";in epic poetry sitā- is the wife of rāmacandra- and daughter of janaka-, king of mithilā-, capital of videha-, who was otherwise called sīradhvaja-;she was named sitā- because fabled to have sprung from a furrow made by janaka- while ploughing the ground to prepare it for a sacrifice instituted by him to obtain progeny, whence her epithet ayoni--,"not womb-born";her other common names, maithilī- and vaidehī-, are from the place of her birth;according to one legend she was vedavatī- q.v,in the kṛta- age; according to to others she was an incarnation of lakṣmi- and of umā-;the story of rāma-'s bending the bow, which was to be the condition of the gift of sitā-, is told in ; sītā-'s younger sister urmilā- was at the same time given to lakṣmaṇa-, and two nieces of janaka-, daughters of his brother king kuśa-dhvaja-, to bharata- and śatrughna-) etc.

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV. iv , 57 , 6, VS. xii , 69-72, TBr., Pa1rGr2., R. i , 67, RV., IW. 335 n. 1 ; 337
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