sādhya साध्य

Definition: साध्य a. [साध्-णिच् यत्] 1 To be effected or accomplished, to be brought about; साध्ये सिद्धिर्विधीयताम् H.2. 15. -2 Feasible, practicable, attainable. -3 To be proved or demonstrated; आप्तवागनुमानाभ्यां साध्यं त्वां प्रति का कथा R.1.28. -4 To be established or made good. -5 To be inferred or concluded; अनुमानं तदुक्तं यत् साध्य- साधनयोर्वचः K. P.1. -6 To be conquered or subdued, conquerable; स च त्वदेकेषुनिपातसाध्यः Ku.3.15; चतुर्योपाय- साध्ये तु रिपौ सान्त्वमपक्रिया Pt.3.27. -7 Curable. -8 To be killed or destroyed. -ध्यः 1 A particular class of celestial beings; साध्यानां च गणं सूक्ष्मम् Ms.1.22; विराट्- सुताः सोमसदः साध्यानां पितरः स्मृताः Ms.3.195; Mb.1.1.35. -2 A deity in general. -3 Name of a Mantra. -ध्यम् 1 Accomplishment, perfection. -2 The thing to be proved or established, the matter at issue. -3 (In logic) The predicate of a proposition, the major term in a syllogism; साध्ये निश्चितमन्वयेन घाटेतं ... &c.; यत् साध्यं स्वयमेव तुल्यमुभयोः पक्षे विरुद्धं च यत् Mu.5.1. -4 Silver. -Comp. -अभावः the absence of the major term. -ऋषिः an epithet of Śiva. -पक्षः the plaint in a law-suit. -व्यापक a. (in logic) invariably inherent in that which is to be proved. -समः an assertion identical with the point to be proved. -साधनम् effecting what has to be done. -सिद्धिः f. 1 accomplishment. -2 conclusion. ˚पादः judgment, decision.

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