riṣ रिष्

Definition: (see riś-) cl.1.4. P. ( varia lectio) reṣati- or r/iṣyati- (Epic also riṣyate-; Aorist rīḍhvam- ariṣat- subjunctive riṣātha-, parasmE-pada ṣat- ; areṣīt- grammar; future reṣitā-, reṣṭā- , reṣiṣyati- ; infinitive mood reṣitum-,or reṣṭum- ;Ved. infinitive mood riṣ/e-, riṣ/as-), to be hurt or injured, receive harm, suffer wrong, perish, be lost, fail etc. ; to injure, hurt, harm, destroy, ruin ; Causal reṣ/ayati- (Aorist arīriṣat-;Ved. forms riṣīṣṭa-, ririṣeḥ-, riṣay/adhyai-), to hurt, injure, harm, cause to miscarry or fail ; (A. rīriṣīṣṭa-), to fail, meet with misfortune or disaster : Desiderative r/irikṣati- (; ririṣiṣati-or rireṣiṣati- grammar), to wish to injure or harm (see riś-): Intensive reriṣyate-, rereṣṭi- grammar

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Dha1tup. xvii , 43 and xxvi , 120, TA1r., RV., ib., ib., ib., RV., RV., AV., Bhat2t2., RV., AV., TBr., MBh., BhP., RV.
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