rūpya रूप्य

Definition: a tad. affix applied to a word meaning 'a cause' or expressing 'a human being' in the sense of 'proceeding therefrom' e.g. समादागतं समरूप्यम्; देवदत्तरूप्यम्; cf. हेतुमनुष्येभ्येन्यतरस्यां रूप्यः P. IV. 3.81; (2) a tad. affix applied to a word in the genitive case in the sense of भूतपूर्व, 'formerly belonging to'; e. g. देवदत्तस्य भूतपूर्वो गौः देवदत्तरूप्य:; cf. Kāś. on षष्ठया रूप्य च P. V. 3.54.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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