rūp रूप्

Definition: रूप् 1 U. (रूपयति-ते, रूपित) 1 To form, fashion. -2 To represent on the stage, act, gesticulate; रथवेगं निरूप्य Ś.1. -3 To mark, observe carefully, behold, look at; सर्वेषामपि वस्तूनां भावार्थो भवति स्थितः । तस्यापि भगवान् कृष्णः किमतद्वस्तु रूप्यताम् Bhāg.1.14.57. -4 To find out, seek. -5 To consider, ponder over. -6 To settle, fix upon. -7 To examine, investigate. -8 To feign. -9 To appoint. -1 To describe; सविस्मयं रूपयतो नभश्चरान् Ki.8.26.

Dictionary: Apte
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