rāma राम

Definition: m. Name of various mythical personages (in veda- two rāma-s are mentioned with the patronymic mārgaveya- and aupatasvini-;another rāma-s with the patronymic jāmadagnya-[ see below] is the supposed author of ;in later times three rāma-s are celebrated, viz. 1. paraśu-rāma- [q.v.], who forms the 6th avatāra- of viṣṇu- and is sometimes called jāmadagnya-, as son of the sage jamad-agni- by reṇukā-, and sometimes bhārgava-, as descended from bhṛgu-;2. rāma-candra- [see below];3. bala-rāma- [q.v.],"the strong rāma-", also called halāyudha- and regarded as elder brother of kṛṣṇa-[ ] according to to jaina-s a rāma- is enumerated among the 9 white bala-s;and in a rāma-s is mentioned among the 7 ṛṣi-s of the 8th manv-antara-) etc. etc. Name of a king of malla-pura-

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV. x , 110, RTL. 112, VP., RV., Cat.
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