rājadantādi राजदन्तादि

Definition: a class of compound words headed by राजदन्त in which the order of words or the constituent members is fixed. There are about 50 words in the class; some of them are tatpurusa compounds such as राजदन्त or अग्रेवण in which the subordinate word which ought to have been placed first is placed second There are some karmadharaya.compounds in which one particular word is always placed first and not any one of the two: e.g. लिप्तवासितम्, सिक्तसंमृष्टम् etc. There are some dvandva compounds such as उलुखलमुसलम्, चित्रास्वाती, भार्यापती etc. in which a definite order of words is laid down. For details see Kasika on राजदन्तादिषु परम् P. II. 2.31.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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