rāhu राहु

Definition: m. [√ rabh] seizer, Name of a demon, whose head after he had attempted to drink the nectar obtained at the churning of the ocean was cut off by Vishnu, but having be come immortal periodically revenged itself on his betrayers, the sun and moon, by swal lowing them at the times of eclipse; he is also regarded as one of the nine planets; eclipse; moment of occultation; -gata, pp. eclipsed (sun or moon); -grasana, n. being swallowed by Râhu, eclipse; -grasta-nisâ kara, a. whose moon has been swallowed by Râhu (night); -graha, m. demon Râhu; -grahana, n. seizure by Râhu, eclipse (of sun or moon): -darsana,n. eclipse.

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