rāgin रागिन्

Definition: रागिन् a. [राग-इनि] 1 Coloured, dyed. -2 Colouring. painting. -3 Red. -4 Full of passion or feeling, impassioned; रागिणापि विहिता तव भक्त्या Ki.18.27. -5 Full of love, subject to love. -6 Passionately fond of, devotedly attached to, desirous of, yearning after (at the end of comp.); रागी कर्मफलप्रेप्सुः Bg.18.27. -7 Delighting, rejoicing. -m. 1 A painter. -2 A lover; एको रागिषु राजते प्रियतमादेहार्धहारी हरः Bh.3.121. -3 A libertine, sensualist. -णी 1 A modification of a musical mode (राग), of which 3 or 36 kinds are enumerated. -2 A wanton and intriguing woman, a lustful woman.

Dictionary: Apte
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