purāṇa पुराण

Definition: n. Name of a class of sacred works (supposed to have been compiled by the poet vyāsa- and to treat of 5 topics[ see pañca-lakṣaṇa-];the chief purāṇa-s are 18, grouped in 3 divisions: viz. 1. rājasa- exalting brahmā-[ exempli gratia, 'for example' the brahma-, brahmāṇḍa-, brahmavaivarta-, mārkaṇḍeya-, bhaviṣya-, vāmana-];2. sāttvika- exalting viṣṇu-[ exempli gratia, 'for example' the viṣṇu-, bhāgavata-, nāradīya-, garuḍa-, padma-, varāha-];3. tāmasa- exalting śiva-[ exempli gratia, 'for example' the śiva-, liṅga-, skanda-, agni- or in place of it the vāyu-, matsya-, kūrma-];by some the padma- are divided into 4, and by others into 6 groups; see )

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: IW. 509
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