puṣyaḥ पुष्यः

Definition: पुष्यः 1 The Kali age. -2 The month called पौष. -3 The eighth lunar mansion (consisting of three stars), written also तिष्य. -ष्यम् Ved. -1 The blossom. -2 Foam, scum. -ष्या The asterism called पुष्य. -Comp. -अभिषेकः, -स्नानम् a ceremony of coronating a king &c., when the moon stands in the asterism Puṣya. -नेत्रा f. The night on which the Puṣya planet is seen for all the time. -योगः the moon when in conjunction with Puṣya. -रथः = पुष्परथः q. v. युक्तः पुष्परथश्च Pratimā 1.3. -रागः = पुष्परागः q. v.; Kau. A.2.11.29.

Dictionary: Apte
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