prasaṅga प्रसङ्ग

Definition: applicability; possibility of being applied; the word is used with respect to a grammatical rule or operation which is on the point of being applied or taking place; the word प्राति is also used in the same sense; cf. को हि शब्दस्य प्रसङ्गः यत्र गम्यते चार्थो न च प्रयुज्यते M.Bh.on P.I.1.60 cf. also द्वौ प्रसङ्गौ अन्यार्थां एकस्मिन् स विप्रतिषेधः,M. Bh. on P.I.4. 2; also cf. प्रसङ्गे सति सदृशतम आदेशः स्यात् S.K. on स्थानेन्तरतमः P. I.1.50.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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