prarakṣaṇa प्ररक्षण

Definition: n. protection; -rúh, a. shooting (of plants); f. shoot, sprout; -rûdha, pp. √ ruh; -rûdhi, f. shooting up; growth, in crease; -reká, m., -rékana, n. abundance; -rokana, a. (î) seductive;n. instigation; se duction; laudation; elucidation: â, f. enco mium; exciting interest by praise (rh.); painting the future in rosy colours; -roha, m. germinating, sprouting (also fig.); sprout, shoot, bud; excrescence; shoot=ray of light (--°ree;); -rohana, n. sprouting, budding, shoot ing or growing up (also fig.); sprout, shoot, bud; -rohin, a. shooting up, out of (--°ree;); producing, causing to grow (--°ree;); -rohi-sâkh in, a. the branches of which grow again.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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